Kerala, aptly named God’s Own Country, is a tapestry of emerald backwaters, mist-clad hills, and pristine beaches, making it a paradise for honeymooners. At Alleppey Lagoons, we bring you closer to the most romantic destinations in Kerala for an unforgettable start to your marital bliss. Let’s explore the top 12 honeymoon destinations in this lush southern state of India.

1. Munnar: A Verdant Romance

Munnar, with its rolling hills and sprawling tea gardens, is a lover’s haven. Walk hand in hand through the winding paths, surrounded by the misty mountains. Munnar’s serene beauty competes with renowned hill stations like Shimla and Darjeeling, offering a perfect backdrop for romance.

2. Kundala: Picture-Perfect Moments

About 20 km from Munnar, Kundala is a picturesque spot boasting Asia’s first arch dam. A boat ride here, amidst valleys and hills, becomes a canvas for lifelong memories, especially when the cherry blossoms bloom.

3. Kumarakom: Backwater Bliss

Opt for a serene cruise through Kumarakom’s extensive backwaters, a quieter alternative to Alleppey’s bustling waterways. Between August and February, the backwaters reveal their full glory, offering idyllic settings and delightful cuisine.

4. Alleppey: Backwater Serenades

Famous for its traditional Kettuvalloms, Alleppey is the quintessence of backwater romance. Navigate through large and small canals on a houseboat, or opt for a more intimate Shikara ride to explore hidden gems in areas like Kainakary and Arunootampadam.
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honeymoon destinations in Kerala,

5. Marari Beach: Sun-Kissed Love

Bask in the golden sunlight at Marari Beach, where sparkling waters and delicious cuisine make for a perfect romantic getaway. Dip in a private pool or enjoy a beach stroll, capturing memories in the serene ambience.

6. Wayanad: Nature’s Embrace

Wayanad’s natural splendor, with lakes, waterfalls, and sanctuaries, provides a canvas for romance. Its cool climate and breathtaking landscape make it an ideal honeymoon destination.

7. Thekkady: Wild Romance

In Thekkady, love blossoms amidst exotic flora and fauna. Secluded and serene, it offers an intimate experience with nature, creating a perfect setting for romance and adventure.

8. Poovar: Floating Dreams

Experience magic at Poovar with floating cottages offering stunning backwater views. This secluded haven, accessible only by boat, sets the stage for a dreamy honeymoon.

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9. Bekal: Forts and Beaches

Bekal, a blend of historical forts and beautiful beaches, is a unique choice for honeymooners. Explore the ruins, enjoy romantic beach walks, and savor moments by the water.

10. Vagamon: Solitude Amidst Nature

For couples seeking solitude, Vagamon’s grassy hills and cool waters offer an idyllic escape. Its vast green wilderness and cultural significance make it a unique honeymoon spot.

honeymoon destinations in Kerala,

11. Kovalam: Beachside Romance

Kovalam’s lighthouse beach is perfect for romantic strolls and witnessing stunning sunsets. Its pleasant weather and beautiful environment make it an ideal honeymoon destination.

12. Kollam: Adventure and Mythology

Kollam’s Jatayu Nature Park combines adventure with mythology. The park, featuring the world’s largest bird sculpture, offers a mix of excitement and cultural richness for adventurous couples.

Embark on your journey of love with Alleppey Lagoons and witness the myriad colors of romance in Kerala’s enchanting locales. Whether it’s a serene backwater experience, a tryst with nature, or a walk on sun-kissed beaches, Kerala unfolds its beauty in every corner. Let your love story be painted with the hues of Kerala’s breathtaking landscapes. 🌿💕